How to maintain your electric water heater?

Maintaining your water heater not only allows you to enjoy a more efficient device longer but also reduce your electric energy consumption considerably. 

For this, the complete emptying and descaling of the device are 2 steps strongly recommended. 

1-Draining the water heater:

The goal is to completely empty the water contained in the tank to eliminate the limestone deposited at the bottom of the water heater. Here is how you should proceed:

-Disconnect the electricity by switching off the circuit breaker corresponding to the water heater unit. 

-Open the various taps (kitchen, bathroom…) to empty the tank from its water. 

-Open the tank’s hot water valve. 

-Connect a garden hose to the device’s drain valve and let it drain into a basin. 

-Loosen the drain cock and let the water drain from the tank. 

2-Descaling the electric water heater:

Descaling is an essential step in the maintenance procedure of your water heater. This procedure consists of emptying the tank of excess limestone. The formation of limestone is the reason water heats up slowly and less well (not hot enough). 

Here are the steps you should follow:

-Once the water heater has been emptied of its water, unscrew the lower cover and remove the thermostat. 

-Clean the tank with a cloth and remove the limestone. 

-Check the condition of the anode, resistor and plates. If everything is in good condition, reassemble the thermostat. 

-Fill the tank and reconnect the unit to the outlet. 

There are many parts to disassemble during this process, we highly recommend that you call on us by clicking here to make sure everything is done the right way. 


-An increase in your electric energy consumption. 

-An accelerated deterioration of your unit. 

-Loss of performance. 

-An early failure of your device. 

In order to avoid all these risks, it is advisable to entrust the maintenance of your water heater to a professional. Call Reparation à Domicile by clicking here and we will be more than happy to send an expert to help you out